Jul 06 2011

How OverLay Works

overlayapp @ 10:01 pm

OverLay quickly and affordably creates on-screen audio hotspots from your text and graphics which are matched to the printed media overlaid onto the iPad.

A user can skim a whole sheet and then swipe or hold their finger over a letter, a word, a symbol or a diagram and receive audio feedback that is set by you to be a single letter, a word or a complete sentence. We work with you to create each file using your images and text.

The physical media can be any type or colour of paper with tactile Swell Print or embossed paper as required.


Use OverLay to create simple Braille or tactile diagram learning packages.

The user can skim the tactile page and, only when they need assistance, they can swipe for audio of a whole word or press down for individual characters or symbols.

Later, the user can take the page away for use at home or in study periods to practice and embed their new skills.

In the file design process, we can easily edit and set the audio feedback to meet each user’s need.


Highlights of Overlay App

  • Use OverLay with a range of printed colour graphics
  • High contrast graphics
  • Tactile graphics

OverLay includes:

  • Audio enhanced graphics
  • Gesture based controls:
    • Single tap
    • Double tap
    • Swipe