Jul 06 2011


overlayapp @ 10:03 pm

We have designed customised iPad trays which securely hold the iPad for use in education and visitor attraction settings.

The trays enable easy use of printed media with OverLay.

The trays are manufactured from Foamex to combine lightness and strength.

The picture shows one of the trays in red but we can make them in a range of colours including white, black and blue.

Each tray is custom built for you. We need to know what type of iPad you have (iPad 1 or 2, Wifi or Wifi+3G) since they differ in sizes.

Cost per tray is £100 (US$ 162) excluding delivery and any relevant Sales/Value Added Taxes.

We use PayPal for all our transactions to enable you to securely use your payment cards online. We create an invoice, based on your specified design and product needs, and send it to you for payment.

Please email us info@acuitydesign.eu for more information