Jul 06 2011

Getting Started

overlayapp @ 10:02 pm

You can download OverLay at the Apple App Store

We have included some sample files for you to start off with.

You can download the templates for the printed media here:-

If you do not have a Swell Paper or Embosser printer then contact us and we can send you Swell Paper copies for a small charge.

Taking The Next Step

OverLay is all about transforming your graphics and text into a new experience for your users.

We need to process your design work to make the OVL files that OverLay uses. Look at the instructions on How You Can Make Graphics for OverLay with us to start off.

Alternatively, if you don’t have either the designs or the experience, then we are highly skilled in making tactile media for organisations across the world, so talk to us about what you want to do and let us make it for you and your users.

Contact us now to start talking about how we can work together to make exciting and involving media for everyone.