Jul 06 2011


overlayapp @ 10:00 pm

OverLay in action

OverLay allows you to simply combine physical media and audio information.

OverLay makes it easy to create material for people living with a range of age, physical and mental related issues:

  • Reading material designed for younger learners
  • Media¬† for older adults with age related physical and mental difficulties.
  • Maps and diagrams for people with visual impairments
  • Individualised reading packages for people with dyslexia and other special needs education requirements

Use it with diagrams, text, maps and photos for all kinds of personalised education or visitor information.

Acuity Design works with you to make involving, exciting tactile/audio experiences for your customers and clients using your existing and new materials. Creating a file is quick and affordable. Our average cost is around £20 or US$30 per OverLay file but this cost drops rapidly with multiple pages and graphics. Once files are created, they can be edited for a small charge and shared between users for free.

OverLay is an affordable iOS application (app) optimised for the Apple iPad.

Find it at the Apple App Store and talk to us about how to use it to share knowledge and experiences.

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